Spark- Writing Challenge Day Four

I joined a challenge at the beginning of the year through They emailed a 5-day writing prompt for Instagram (#hopewriterlife) to help us to grow our writing skills. It was hard and fun and I’m proud to have stuck with it. For the next couple of days, I am posting my daily writings to share with you.

My hope is always that my writing may encourage, inspire or bring connection to those who join me here. Thank you for reading, it means the world to me!

Day 4: Spark

The feeling of a first kiss tingling on red lips.

Strong arms wrapped firmly, one pair around a waist and the other around a neck, pulling each other closer.

No words spoken as our eyes say it all.

Something has been lit here.

A spark.

The start of a fire.

Hot and passionate and bright.

Soon it will fade into a slow and steady burn.

The kind that provides warmth and comfort and dependability.

It will need tending to, of course.

Some days it may be neglected.

But always returning as we stoke the coals late at night, breathing “I love you still” into the ashes.

There was an excitement in the hot and fast wildfire of passion for one another. Before 3 kids, a pandemic, job changes and life in general dulled the flames.

But it’s here, in the slow and steady burn that I have found myself content, longing to remain with you.

A lifetime of loving you.

All from a tiny spark.

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