An Ever-Growing List of Gratefulness

What completely ordinary things are you most grateful for right now in your life? -Courtney Martin

  1. Hot coffee and warm fuzzy socks on a cold morning.
  2. The scratching of a pen as it moves across paper.
  3. Worship music drifting softly from the kitchen.
  4. The joy of little giggles. My favorite soundtrack.
  5. Tiny hands grabbing my face and milky grins at nap time.
  6. Ice-cold sweet tea. The kind where sugar is measured with the heart.
  7. The ease of getting lost in a book.
  8. A bite of cookie dough straight from the freezer after the kids are in bed. The later it is, the better it tastes.
  9. The steady drum of rain on a slow morning.
  10. Enormous smiles and relieved giggles as my baby catches sight of me entering a room.
  11. Timeless comfort of old, worn-in skinny jeans and an oversized long-sleeve tee.
  12. Satisfaction of groceries organized, prepped and put away for the week.
  13. Kissing my husband the moment he walks in the door, the feeling of butterflies never fading.
  14. The sound of the knife meeting the cutting board as I chop vegetables for dinner.
  15. The sweet aroma of onion and butter slowly sizzling together in the pan.
  16. Fresh flowers displayed in an old mason jar on the windowsill.
  17. Cold milk paired with hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.
  18. Precious fuzzy-jammie baby snuggles. Like hugging a little teddy bear.
  19. My husband driving the car (and filling up my gas) every time we go out.
  20. The struggle (and relief) of getting all the kids down for bedtime, and then immediately missing them. Stealing those little peaks into their room is a dangerous task, but worth it.
  21. Little baby coos and babbling that leave you wondering what tiny minds think about all day.
  22. Being greeted in the morning by an empty sink and the warm glow of a sunrise.
  23. Reading the same board books over and over because the joy in your child’s face makes your heart explode.
  24. Sliding freezing toes up against my husbands warm back. Relief for me, probably not for him though.
  25. Birds singing outside my window, tiny shoots of green emerging from the dirt and the promises of spring in the breeze.

These are a few of my favorite things 😉

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