A Child’s Craft + Lesson I Learned

Raising and teaching children is my very favorite thing. I am always learning the hardest and most profound lessons from these wild and beautiful little people.

Earlier this week I worked on a nativity craft with my little class of one and two year olds. They each began sticking the animals and people right on top of each other. On most of the crafts baby Jesus was not even visible anymore, hidden underneath an upside down camel and a tiny angel.

Not long ago this would have really bothered me. The perfectionist in me was wanting to peel them off and “fix” the scenes. But then it wouldn’t have been an authentic piece of art made by a one year old. What is the point of having them do a craft if I go back and redo it myself?

Just because the art didn’t look the way “I” thought it should, doesn’t mean it was wrong. I would have my feelings hurt (and lose a little self-confidence) if someone took something I worked hard to create and messed it all up claiming it “needed fixing”….especially since I thought it was beautiful. Actually, it’s this very thought that keeps me from writing, painting, decorating, and creating things in my own life. Fear of not creating perfectly or appeasing everyone’s “eye”.

The reality is, we have each been given gifts and talents to be used for God’s glory and if that’s not the best reason to create, I’m not sure what is.

As a Mama, I love getting to see little glimpses into my children’s imaginations and creativity. Sometimes the pictures have only one color on the entire page, the crafts are upside down or heavily glued. But that is exactly what makes them perfect. Sure, some of them make it into the trash. That’s the reality of having wildly creative children with tons of crafts and drawings. But first they live for weeks, proudly displayed all over the fridge for everyone to see.

Kids are not worried about other peoples opinions of their work. They just create because it gives them joy.

Carefree, full of joy and creative.

I want to be more like my children

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