Mama is here.

There it is again. That tiny little voice calling out. Trusting that Mama is there in the darkness. Knowing that even in the deepest of sleep, I will hear. Waiting on my arms to scoop him up. A warm and safe embrace.

Tiny arms outstretched, ten fingers intertwined into my hair. Sweet button nose nestled into my neck as he breathes in the familiar scent. He quiets down. All is well.

Mama is here.

Blue eyes closing again as he snuggles close to my chest. It doesn’t take long before he’s dreaming again. But I’ll be awake long after he is tucked back in his bed. Praying over him and his siblings. Hoping they feel the endless depth of a Mama’s love.

I cherish these late night meetings. Just him and I. Most days I spend wondering if I’m doing enough, if I am good enough. Nights like these remind me that I am.

The greatest blessing my weary Mama heart has been given is this reassurance: All they need to be soothed is me holding them close.

Isn’t this just like God? To use such tender moments in our lives to teach us a little more about His love for us. Being held in God’s arms feels safe and warm and calm. I trust Him to be there in the darkness. I know He hears me when I call out for Him. He holds me close as I nestle in. Wiping my tears on holy sleeves. All is well.

Mama is here, little one.
God is right here too.

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