A Home That Serves People

Anybody else thrilled that it’s finally the holiday season?

I have been so ready to invite everyone over for coffee/cocoa/wine, all the holiday treats and catching up on life… I just really need some grown-up girlfriend interaction ASAP!

There are a variety of ways to open your home and create a cozy, inviting space to bring other into. My friends have done this very well over the years and I could never sum up how much fun and love and laughter happened within those walls. Their love of hosting has inspired me to create a list of things that I believe will serve people well when they enter your home also!

My Favorite Tips for Serving People Well in Your Home:

  • Do you own enough coffee mugs for an impromptu get-together? They can be solid white, mis-matched, whatever brings you joy.
  • Stock up on some coffee, different teas, creamer, sugar..all the fixings for a warm drink and good conversation!
  • Find a good, cozy blanket (or 3 hah) to throw over the couch for people to snuggle up in. Bonus if you have lots of throw pillows people can actually sink into without worrying about messing them up.
  • If you love charcuterie boards, make sure you have a good wooden board (or other platter you love), little bowls for dip, and tiny knives to use for spreads and cheeses.
  • Stock up on “easy to serve foods” like crackers, cheese, some meat, fruit, etc. Anything you can have ready at the drop of a hat.
  • If you love candles, have a few in a seasonal scent and actually burn them! They are not just for decoration and it adds a warm glow to the atmosphere. If you prefer to use oils, diffuse those instead!
  • Keep a deck of cards (regular, UNO, Skip-Bo) out on the coffee table for a few rounds of fun that are screen-free and entertaining.
  • Background music is always soothing and creates a cozy feeling for guests. You can create your own playlist, turn on pandora or just tune into your favorite radio station. Just don’t turn it so loud that it’s hard to hold a conversation!
  • Bake (or buy) some treats to set out and nibble on. Everyone loves a good cookie (or 4) to enjoy!
  • Stock up on paper plates, and plastic cutlery so you don’t have to fuss over dishes instead of laughing with company.
  • If you don’t have children yet, keep a small bin of coloring books and crayons and a few toys so that your guests kiddos have something to do too. You can tuck the bin back onto a shelf or into a closet when your company leaves.

These are just a few ideas to help guests feel at home but it isn’t necessary to do all of these at once. Pick the ideas that work for you and aim to love your people well!

More importantly than the atmosphere of your home, people will remember your kindness, the conversations and the laughter they shared with you!

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