My Unattractive Bible Made a Beautiful Life

My Bible is not the prettiest to look at. It’s got pieces of the cover missing and a little paint on the front. Or is that milk? Some of the pages are already pulling away from the binding. It’s also a NKJV translation which isn’t always the easiest to understand.

I have daydreamed about which beautiful Bible I want to buy next. One with study notes and an easier translation. I swear that this time I will have more rhyme and reason to the notes/highlights inside.

But the truth is, I can’t part with this Bible yet. It’s been 5 years. I got it right before chase and I got engaged. We left room for me to add my new last name eventually because we knew we were headed in that direction with our relationship. Sadly, this bookstore went out of business before then, so only my first name is written.

You see, this Bible is where I met Jesus, again and truly for the first time. It’s where I poured out my heart in prayers that first year of marriage. It holds records of when my son accepted Jesus, stickers and doodles my daughter has lovingly added and all the wisdom-whispers I have learned from God.

It may not look pretty to anyone else and the notes scribbled inside may not make sense, but it is beautiful and priceless and life-changing to me.

It doesn’t have to be the newest, most beautiful book in order to share joy and freedom. It doesn’t have to look perfect with everything color-coded and your best handwriting to share it’s truth and wisdom.

This is a truth I’m learning both about my Bible and about my own life.

🤫 Can I tell you a secret? The world will tell you that you have to be loud, be an influencer, look perfect and “filter-pretty” in order to mean something and have people listen to you. But that is all a lie. You can make a difference even when your life looks simple and mundane. When you’re washing dishes, kissing booboos and picking up your husbands laundry off the floor, you are doing kingdom work.

In fact, your impact will be even greater when you allow God to shine and work through you 💕

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