Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day almost a week away (ahem, May 9), I wanted to gather some ideas to help celebrate the mom(s) in your life! While all women’s favorites and hobbies are different, these are ideas that I fully believe ANY mother would enjoy.

What Moms Really Want:

  • Candles, essential oils, wax melts, whatever smells heavenly.
  • Comfy robe to wrap in after a long, quiet, refreshing shower. Alone.
  • Massage gift card (babies get heavy y’all)
  • Her favorite wine and a cute stemless wine glass
  • A gift card to her favorite restaurant to enjoy girls night (or date night)
  • 2 hours to roam Target with a Starbs drink of her choice (venti of course)
  • Take her car to get washed and detailed (Even if it only lasts a couple hours. It’s magical). Bonus points if you top off the gas tank!
  • Flowers. Cliche, but they really do make the most beautiful decor.
  • A delicious treat that we don’t have to share, or hide in the bathroom to enjoy.
  • A new book and a couple hours to cozy up and actually read it.
  • A long, hibernation-nap. Okay, at least a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep will do!

So, yes there’s quite a bit of humor in this list. But in all honesty, all moms (at least the ones I know) want is to just have a little break to unwind and remember who we are underneath our “mom title”.

Moms work so hard to selflessly care for every member of their family, it’s nice to have someone take care of and spoil us a little too.

So, leave her a sweet message and take the kids out for a couple hours 😉

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