Habits, Rhythms and Routines I Want to Walk into 2021 with

I have always been a “goal-oriented” person. I love to set goals and resolutions and try my best to keep them. The promise of a new year is just too good to pass up.

I also feel a little pressure to come up with goals and to dream up a “new me” that would be better, smarter, more responsible and healthier. Why? I’m not sure…it’s just what we do.

It never fails, though, that I never read the amount of books, workout every morning, or remain consistent with anything. Unfortunately I just throw in the towel, consider myself a failure and decide that I’ll never successfully become a better me because I never checked anything off.

But, going into 2021, I’m choosing a different mindset.

Instead of setting goals to craft a whole new me, I want to choose habits, rhythms and routines that support and encourage the kind of life I don’t feel like needs to be scrapped and reimagined at the end of this year.

The kind of life where the pressure is off to perform or check the boxes. The kind of life I don’t need to vacation from.

I still have “goals”, sure. My focus behind the goals just won’t be about outward performance but inward transformation.

Habits, Rhythms and Routines I Want to Walk into 2021 with:

1. Be more consistent with prayer journaling. I want to strengthen my prayer life this year.

2. Offer myself grace as I transition to being a mom of 3! I have only ever balanced myself between 2 kids so this will obviously take time to adjust to!

3. More quality time with my husband! Whether it be date nights out or a night in. I want to focus on building a strong, God-fearing marriage.

4. Spend more time reading books than scrolling social media. I want to regain my love of learning and ability to take in long-form text again.

5. Allow myself to rest when my body, mind or soul needs it. Nobody can go full speed all the time. This is a very valuable lesson 2020 (and pregnancy) taught me!

6. Stop putting so much pressure on myself to have a home cooked meal every night! Allow myself to buy the comfort and convenience foods that a busy, exhausted momma just needs sometimes!

7. Set aside time to purposefully tap into the creative things that make my heart happy (writing, baking, decorating, painting, gardening).

8. Keep talking about Jesus with my kids. Reading the Bible, modeling His character, listening to worship music and teaching them how to serve others.

9. Learn how best to budget and manage our money this year. Especially on one income at the moment. I want to experience financial freedom and be able help others too.

10. Live in the moment. Not everything needs to be captured or documented. I want to soak in the snuggles, laughter and memories, make the messes and have ice cream for dinner just because.

Really, the only thing changing this year is that instead of trying to set specific goals like “lose x pounds”, “read x books a month” I’m choosing to give myself a little more freedom in how I walk through 2021.

I know with a new baby coming into our home, walking into year 4 of marriage, raising 2 other children and trying to get some dreams going, I will need a lot of freedom, grace, rest and Jesus to carry on!

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