Why I Took My Christmas Decor Down Early

Here stands the last remaining Christmas decor in the Bowers house.

Usually I keep everything up until after the new year and savor every last moment of the holiday season. This year? My heart had different plans.

This year I decided to let my feelings dictate my decorating decisions. On November 1st I just knew we needed the early and cozy welcome of our tree. The effects of such a rough and abnormal year plus the colder, darker nights called for the warm glow and colorful array of lights that lit up our living room.

Along with the added light and coziness came joy and excitement as we looked forward to Christmas Day. Many memories were made snuggled by the tree watching movies, eating snacks and reading books. The manger play set on the coffee table was played with (and pieces lost) daily and served as a reminder of where our hope is ultimately found.

Now, with Christmas only days behind us, I feel the tug of of a reset. The space to breathe, rest and declutter my soul has been apparent. And although it was a little sad to pack away the holiday decor so soon, my mind and my heart feel gratefully lighter.

The kids were eager to have some living room real estate back to play in and though they can’t say it in words, their minds needed quieter surroundings as well.

Whether you choose to leave Christmas up until January or have already begun packing it away…

I hope you enjoyed the holiday season.
I hope you got to spend time with family, whether in person or via zoom.
I hope your heart feels fuller and your mind lighter 💕

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