State of Home Expectation vs Reality

Before covid-19 hit I would have wore myself out trying to keep the house as close to the expectation I had in my mind:

Perfect, ready for anyone to drop by, everything in place because that is what a good wife/homemaker does. Right?

Enter covid-19, kids home ALL THE TIME and a new definition of “homemaker”.

Now being a good homemaker is about making a place that is functional and cozy and fun for my family. A place where the kids can play freely (and learn to clean up their own toys!), where we can relax into the couch pillows and enjoy snuggles together.

These days, the messes don’t bother me, they are evidence of fun, imagination and childhood.

I’ve always known this (you probably have too) but it took me giving myself permission to stop trying to maintain the “Instagram-worthy” aesthetic I’ve been conditioned to strive for. Maybe you need permission to let go of that lie this morning too?

So, instead of worrying about whether my couch cushions are perfectly karate-chopped and there’s not a single dog hair, I am choosing to make sure I have a pitcher of sweet tea and a pot of coffee going. A cozy blanket to cozy up on the couch while we catch up on life and nothing “too precious” lying around so you can relax in peace while our kids play.

The things that matter most to me are the people that come in and experience life with us.

I want my home to be a reflection of the love, grace and fun that happens within these walls. Where the door is always open and you are always welcome.

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