Dear Sweet Babies,

Dear sweet babies of mine, ⁣

I hope you never question how much I love you. ⁣
I hope you know how special and incredible you are. ⁣
You are smart and kind and capable of doing anything you set your mind on. ⁣

Never let anyone put out that little flame of curiosity. Keep your love for learning. ⁣
You are strong and independent, but don’t forget that it is always ok to ask for help. ⁣

Always remember that you are a child of God. He is always with you. His love for you is unfailing. You can trust Him. He is good and kind and faithful. ⁣

No matter what you do or where life takes you, I will always love you. I am always in your corner sweet baby 💕⁣

Love, Mommy⁣

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