The Blessing of a Hidden Path

Sometimes I just want to see the full path, you know? Or at least know the destination I’m headed towards. Life would be so much easier to handle. Please tell me you feel the same?

I love to hike. But I want to know ahead of time about how long the trail is and generally what to expect. I need to prepare myself…and give myself a reason to gracefully bow out early if I’ve decided it’s too far or too hard.

God knows this about me. I mean, he did make me after all. And because he knows this, he keeps the path hidden from me. It remains foggy before my eyes. Only the very next step for my foot can be seen.

I’m gonna be 100% honest with you because we’re friends, I hate this. I hate not knowing what lies ahead. I hate being caught off-guard. And, sadly, I have been known to dig in my heels and refuse to move until I see at least the next mile down the road. I can be real stubborn. But God’s patience far exceeds my stubbornness. Every single time.

(Heads up, you will never win against God. I picture him in these moments just smiling gently down at me, amused, with entirely more patience and grace than I deserve. His arms are probably crossed and He’s whispering, “Are you ready to move yet?”)

You see, if I were able to see even one mile ahead of me I would probably throw up my hands and quit. Seeing the vast mountain or roaring river in the distance, I would declare myself incapable and turn around. I would forget that God is able and knows how to get to the other side.

That’s why the path remains hidden from my view. In my humanity I can’t fathom ever being able to climb a mountain so high, crawl through a valley so low, wade through such deep water or stumble through a storm so violent…but one step at a time, God guides me through it. I don’t even realize the feat we just finished until I’m standing on the other side with God; sometimes soaking wet, out of breath and with a limp, but I am standing. A little stronger, wiser and with a lot more faith.

He keeps the path hidden and foggy to teach me to trust in Him, to strengthen my faith with every step into the unknown and to keep me from depending on my own strength and capability.

God’s fog in my path is my blessing. And as hard and scary as that can be, I can sing praises to Him for the path always being steady underneath me.

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