I Asked for Answers, but got a Rainbow

Tonight there was a rainbow in the sky. After no rain. No storm. We just happened to glance out the window to see it in all its colorful glory right there in the sky. In perfect view between the trees.

(Not the best picture but my soul needed me to capture this image exactly as I saw it.)

There may be a scientific reason behind why a rainbow would appear without a storm present. But my faith leads me to believe this wasn’t “by chance”.

The significance of a rainbow is known to anyone who has heard the story of Noah’s Ark in Sunday school: God placed a rainbow in the sky promising he would never flood the whole world again.

But this rainbow. The one I just witnessed, has a different significance. This time it is personal. On this specific week, tonight.

After 2 of the longest and most stressful months for myself wrestling through why God would choose to take something I loved from me. The very thing that brought provision, stability and comfort to me. I can’t make sense of it.

After weathering the anxiety of “what now” and “what if” and “who does this make me now”…after tears and heartache, embarrassment and frustration…

I’m left looking at a rainbow.

A promise that God still has good in store for me. A promise that God has not forgotten about me. A promise that though life is very hard and the storms are incredibly scary and lonely and confusing, He is right there in it. Standing right next to me.

He will never leave me. He will always love me. He is always good. He is always God.

This rainbow is the promise that even though my life doesn’t look the same anymore and I’m left with more unknowns than answers…there is always beauty to be found. I need only remember to look up to see it.

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