More Space Than Words

All you really need to write is some blank space and a writing utensil.

After all, how can you write another chapter, or dream if you’ve already used up all the paper? You need a little blank space in your life. Believe me, it looks sterile and empty and it’s overwhelming to see all that white space where words once were. Where your life once looked so familiar and cozy. Seeing the blinking cursor and a big fat 0 on the word count feels cruel and impossible when you aren’t sure what words are left to say. When you have no idea how to carry on when so much has changed.

But I believe all that space is also freedom, discovery, room to grow and dream and continue on living this incredible life you’ve been given. A chance to rewrite your story, become who it is you were created to be.

I’ve hit my own wall of blank space in my life. Everything that was once my routine, what was comfortable and dependable is now gone. I’m left with more questions than answers, more problems than solutions, more heartache than joy.

More space than words.

But I know the only way to fill that space is to keep writing. Take a step. Do the next right thing. Get back up. Keep moving forward. After all, its in the middle of the book that characters grow and learn. That is where life is lived. That is where God is leading me. I know it is.

It’s not easy to feel like you’re suddenly starting over. It’s not fun or glamorous. Not even a little. But it will be worth it. I know this to be true because I can look at my past up until these very words I’m writing, and see God’s hand is there. No, it wasn’t perfect or easy. It didn’t come without heartache, tears, pain and more hard work than I anticipated. But it is a life marked by Jesus himself. And if I have followed Him this far, through all the messiness and unknowns of my past, surely I can follow Him into the unknowns of my future.

So I will march boldly into this uncomfortable blank space my life has laid before me, certain that my Jesus will provide for me and protect me. Because he has already done it. My story is already written on his heart. Now I just get to uncover and fill up the next chapter for myself.

If you’re sitting before a season of blankness, I see you friend. Chase that dream, or dream a new one. As terrifying as it is, promise me you won’t stop discovering the story of your life. Ok?

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