Kitchen Cabinet Update

We are *still* painting our kitchen cabinets. We (I) started this project in March at the start of the covid-19 quarantine.

Yes it is June now. 

Before: the cabinets weren’t bad, just not the vibe we wanted.

When I started this project, I had dreams of white cabinets, a bucket of paint and plenty of time thanks to the “stay-at-home” order. I had it all planned out and couldn’t wait to see my finished product! But it feels like the blueprints I sent up to God got lost in the mail (must have been FedEx..joking, only joking ha-ha!).

It’s embarrassing how long it actually stayed this way..

Sometime between March and now my motivation just wilted away. Listen, your girl wants to have the beautiful, aesthetic, dreamy white kitchen already. Trust me! But when you have 2 kids and what feels like a million other tasks to check off (not to mention Animal Crossing to play–my husband loves that, right babe?) it just kind of falls to the bottom of the priority list. Please tell me this happens to you too?

Of course, I could’ve hired someone else to paint them for me…but that would take the fun out of it (and all my money along with it). Sure, they would look a lot more professional, my pride can admit that, but I love putting my heart into this home. That’s my drive behind all my lofty ideas, creating a beautiful home with my own (and my hubby’s) 2 hands. 

Sometimes projects can be whipped out in a couple hours. Sometimes they take a couple months. My advice? Just go for it. Try the paint. Hang the canvas. Switch the hardware. Nothing is permanent. Don’t like it? Change it next weekend. 

Here is the current state of the kitchen (dinner and all). The top doors are painted and sitting in the garage still. The bottom doors need 2 more coats. But progress!

Now that I have spent a good chunk of time motivating you, it’s time for me to go knock out these cabinets so we can move on to the next project!

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