Flowers After Drought

These were the only flowers my garden produced this year. I planted seeds expectant of beautiful bouquets to enjoy. After extreme heat, no rain for weeks (and some neglect on my part), I had lost all hope of seeing a single bloom.

The rain finally returned and in the middle of August, there they were. Standing tall and beautiful and strong. Surviving on water deep underground until the water from above allowed them to thrive.

After the drought, flowers still bloomed.

That feels all kinds of significant for my own life. The promise that this drought I’m living in won’t stop God’s goodness from blooming. It can’t stop His hand from working. Plants tend to send their roots deeper into the soil, seeking water hidden underground to survive. August, for me, was a month of stretching and sending roots as low and deep as I could to find the pools of living water waiting to sustain my soul.

This world was never intended to satisfy my thirst. No amount of likes or comments will ever relieve the areas of my life that have been burnt or withered. By stepping away and quieting the world, I can finally hear the trickle of the underground springs calling me back to life.

I am no longer trying to merely survive. Though I may not see storm clouds on the horizon, my roots have found living water deep under this scorched land. I can hear the distant roar of thunder. The holy, whispered promise of His voice. The rain is coming. The blooms are coming.

Thank you, Jesus for deep roots, beautiful blooms and healing water.

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