Things I Believe…

I believe… ✨

•Kisses can heal tiny booboos.
•Tea should always be sweet and ice cold.
•You can use Tylenol and essential oils.
•Childhood is magical: fairies, dinosaurs and pirate-ship beds.
•Chick-fil-a is always a good idea.
•Marriage is hard but so much fun.
•Growing up is overrated. Stay young.
•Rain on a tin roof is relaxing.
•Grocery store dates are romantic.
•Changing a toddler’s diaper or clothes is like wrestling an alligator.
•Kindness always comes back around.
•Dessert can be eaten before dinner.
•There is nothing better than the sound of baby giggles.
•God is so so good.
•Sunsets are the most magical time of day.
•Prayer is vital and there is no perfect way to pray.
•There is no such thing as a “black thumb”-anyone can grow a garden.
•Children are an incredible blessing.
•Grocery prices will return to normal (this is more of a hope haha.)
•A home-cooked meal is better than fast food.
•You can be anything you want and do anything you set your mind too.
•Hard work always pays off.
•Writing is therapeutic.
•Everyone needs a hobby.
•Season one of Grey’s Anatomy is elite.

This is my very full but not exhaustive list of beliefs. Funny, serious and whimsical as it may be. ❤️

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