Preparing the Garden

It is finally springtime in Arkansas! Praise Jesus! There is still too much rain in the forecast to do any planting, but it’s time to start prepping the little garden!

If the picture above doesn’t give you a good enough idea of the state of things around this place…I’m not sure what will. Weeds in every bed (and in the rocks,) trash, leaves, old cucumber vines, water hoses thrown haphazardly to keep from the dogs. A hot mess.

I grabbed my favorite pair of garden gloves and spade and got to work pulling weeds and ripping out old vines. In the process a few bugs were uprooted which instantly made me regret my Birkenstock’s decision. Creepy crawlers and my bare toes just inches apart? Big no!

After all three beds were weed-free, I gently leveled the soil around to get an idea of how much soil I need to purchase to refill each one. (Usually around 3 bags of soil + 1 bag of compost work well for our beds.)

Crazy how big of a difference a little weeding can do, right?

One of my most favorite things I’ve added in this little garden area are these two chairs. I plan to get some outdoor cushions to add a little more comfort. I fully recommend adding garden chairs or a bench, just some where to sit in your garden! It is so peaceful to sit out here and watch the kids play, read a book or just spend time with Jesus.

This is an old tool cart that my husband wasn’t using and surprised me with for my garden tools! So far it has been amazing to have all my tools in one place instead of searching through the entire shop!

My favorite picture of garden supplies I’ve ever taken! I’m a sucker for capturing pretty things.

This photo was taking last year before planting anything but I included it to give an idea of our garden space. Small and cozy with a gate to keep out our curious (naughty) dogs.

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