Rest- Writing Challenge Day Two

I joined a challenge at the beginning of the year through They emailed a 5-day writing prompt for Instagram (#hopewriterlife) to help us to grow our writing skills. It was hard and fun and I’m proud to have stuck with it. For the next couple of days, I am posting my daily writings to share with you.

My hope is always that my writing may encourage, inspire or bring connection to those who join me here. Thank you for reading, it means the world to me!

Day 2: Rest

Breathe in deep.

Let your eyes drift closed.

Slowly relax your muscles from your eyebrows and jaw, down from shoulders to toes.

Feel the gentle weight of gravity sink you into the chair, beckoning you to find comfort within the cushions.

The dishes soak patiently in the sink.

While tiny clothes tumble around till they are dried.

No one has to know it’s their third time through.

They baby only sleeps in ten minute spurts.

He will cry out for you soon.

Then it will be back to the races again.

Dishes, folding clothes, diapers and lots of kisses.

But right now is time for a moment of calm. A deep breathe. A hushed prayer.

Right now, Mama, it is time you rest.

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