Let Them Sleep

I have way too many pictures of my babies sleeping… I can’t help it. They look so peaceful and cute dreaming there. I never want to forget that moment.

You know the saying, “Let them sleep for when they wake they will move mountains?” I always envisioned them in the future as little adults making a change, being brave, sharing Jesus…

I never realized how many of those mountains would need to be moved in me personally.

The mountain of pride.




The mountain of doubt in my ability to be a “good mom” (whatever that is).

But there’s also the good mountains they have moved closer to me, like a fortress of protection.

The mountain of love.


Deeper faith.




So, yes, I will continue taking pictures of my sweet sleeping babies and wonder what they’re dreaming. I will cherish the photos when they’re older and remember how much we’ve both grown. I will pray over them and raise them as best I can. And I will forever be grateful for the way they are raising me and drawing me closer to God.

Thank you Jesus.

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