For the Worried Mama Comparing Milestones

For the first 2.5 months of his life, Owen woke every 1-2 hours to nurse. It was hard. We were both exhausted. But we made it.

He has slept through the night for the past week and i am so thankful. But this could change by tonight.

I’ve had to really work on not comparing my baby to how someone else’s seems to be developing. Whether it’s sleep, eating or other milestones, these simply indicate a growing baby. They are not a gauge on how well you are you are doing as a mom (no matter how much it feels like that, Mama).

Owen hasn’t mastered rolling from his tummy to back yet, sitting up alone is still a ways off and he just started finding an interest in holding toys (though he prefers his hands). In the past I would’ve stressed over “catching him up” to other babies his age who seem to be ahead of him. But he is healthy and happy and exploring the world at his own pace. And I love getting to watch.

Babies are learning how to be babies just like we are learning how to be moms.

Day by day.

One experience at a time.

Not only does this thought save my sanity, it also helps to slow the mom guilt that I’m not “doing enough” or “doing it right”. My baby is able to grow and learn and develop at his own pace. I can actually enjoy babyhood without freaking out if he isn’t where so-and-so’s baby is. I am listening to my own “mom gut” and observing my baby to find out what works best for the both of us.

Yes, baby milestones matter, but worrying over your baby reaching them at the same time as Nancy’s kids will only leave you feeling anxious and defeated. Worry never solved anything and I’ve got plenty of experience trying to let it. If you think there may be a true cause for concern, speak with your pediatrician and let the rest go. Enjoy babyhood and celebrate all the little wins along the way.

Trust in your mom gut, trust in your baby and most importantly, trust in God. You are doing a great job. ❤️

*One great resource for learning more about milestones is

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