There is Good in the Slow and Steady

Sometimes I look at the garden and it feels like nothing is growing. At least not as fast as I wish it would.

I could say the same about a couple situations in my own life. I don’t see the kind of growth I am hopeful for.

I started recording a tour of my garden each week and I am so grateful that I decided to. My nightly walks to the garden don’t show much growth but when I look back at last week’s video? The difference is noticeable. The plants are taller, healthier, producing buds and fruit.

The same must be true about my own life. Right now it seems as if things are crawling at a snails pace. I’m not seeing any fruits or budding or really much growth at all. But when I look back at where I was, who I was a year ago? I am a little stronger, a little braver, a littler wiser. All I needed was a little weekly garden tour reminder to help me remember that there is good in the slow and steady. I can trust that the daily practices and prayers are shaping me into a woman after God’s heart…

Ain’t it funny how plants can teach us so much? 🌱❤️

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