Choosing Rest Gave Me Peace

So, yesterday I posted this to my IG story with the caption “Logging out to enjoy this slow Sunday.” And I did just that. Put my phone on the charger and read for a while, baked some banana bread muffins, snuggled my littles, watched some HGTV (guilty pleasure) and then downloaded a library book I’ve been dying to read.

I had felt the stir in my heart to take a day of sabbath and thank goodness I chose to listen and quiet my soul. It was the best day in a long time.

Now, I tell you all of this, not to brag, but to set the scene for what I have since dealt with.

Up all night with a feverish baby and a toddler who couldn’t sleep. Then woke up to the dog pooping in my daughters room, as I cleaned up that mess the dogs got muddy outside from digging. The house is a little messy from my sabbath day. And I didn’t buy any coffee for the week (regular coffee and my stomach are NOT friends anymore) so this mama is tired!

Normally, this would’ve taken me out for the day. Stress and overwhelm would’ve been too great. I would’ve wanted to hide in bed all day. I know this because it happens all too often.

But this morning? Sure I’m still annoyed and tired and there is still stress…but because I rested, I don’t feel overwhelmed.

I knew to lean into God for strength this morning. “Guide my feet on the path of peace” I have whispered under my breath over and over. God knew today was coming. He knew I would need rest and time with Him yesterday to be able to face today and the chaos around me. I don’t deal with stress well. Headaches and stomach pain and a cranky, short temper are all signs that I’m in over my head. God knows this about me and in His kindness for me, He asked me to rest. And this time, I listened.

It’s all a learning process, this relationship between God and I. But man, when I stop worrying about what I think I need and trust in what God knows I need, life is so much simpler and a lot more beautiful 💕

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