From “Woe is Me” to “Woah is God”

I haven’t spent much time in my Bible lately. Or with Jesus for that matter.

As a result I haven’t been as patient, my anxiety has my stomach messed up and I have not felt like myself. Anyone else really struggling with staying motivated in keeping up with their spiritual health? I just really miss my life builder groups. I miss the fellowship. I miss the “doing life together”.

I also haven’t had much to say here really because the well is a bit empty at the moment. I quit digging and used up my supply. Now I’ve been too busy moping in the dried up remnants of what “used to be” instead of picking up the shovel and just digging in again.

God is always there. It just takes work on both ends to keep the relationship growing. Work I haven’t been putting in.

This year has just been hard. It’s kicked us all around hasn’t it? Of course the blessings and good are there too. And boy, am I thankful for them! It’s human nature to focus on the negative and wallow in it because that’s easier than trying to change habits or work on ourselves. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who can relate.)

So, how do we pick the shovel back up and start digging deeper again?

This looks different for everyone I suppose. I have 3 tried-and-true methods that help to pull me out of the “woe is me” attitude and shift to a “Woah is God” mindset.

3 Ways I Shift My Mindset

1. Turning on worship music and just letting it cover me during the day. Even if I don’t actively stop to worship myself, the words are sinking into my heart and my mind and covering me in peace. It may sound “hokey” but hey, it always works.

2. Writing out a prayer. As much as I love to write, this one is tough for me. Seeing my worries, doubts, questions and confessions all written in black and white feels to vulnerable. But isn’t that what prayer is? An honest conversation with God meant to draw me closer to Him, to offer my full heart and my “best but worst” plan for my life so I can trust Him more. If writing isn’t your thing, just start talking. He doesn’t care if you ramble, just meet with Him.

3. Choose a psalm and just read it. Psalm 139 is my current go-to when I just need the truth and wisdom of God and how much He loves me. That may be the only thing I read all day or it may encourage me to dig a little deeper. The reaction is always different in my heart but the effect is the same. Repetition is key to remembering anything, especially if you have “mom brain” like I do.

I’m not the kind of girl to just hit the road running right back into bible study and praying and all of the things. But I find that by choosing one thing daily to devote 5 minutes to just sit with God in, it gets easier and I crave more time with Him.

So, if you’re struggling to “keep it together spiritually”, here is your permission to stop and breathe.

It’s not a checklist, we know this. But we tend to forget it, don’t we? We tend to overthink and overachieve when really it’s just simple…God wants YOU. Your heart. A relationship with you. Preaching that freedom to myself today!

Time to grab the shovel and start digging in again. Are you with me?

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