Fun With Kinetic Sand

Kids love sensory activities. At least mine do! So yesterday morning when we needed some entertainment (or distraction so mom can make lunch) I busted out our kinetic sand and some animals. (This post is not sponsored…just an honest review from a happy momma!)

To say that Addie was excited was an understatement. She played with it again last night and has asked for her sand already this morning. What I really love about kinetic sand is how easy it is to clean compared to regular sand! I am all about activities that she can play independently and I don’t have to stress out over. (Not the case with us and Playdoh just FYI.) As with anything else, close supervision is required to ensure your child’s safety.

There is something so therapeutic about feeling the sand in your hands. It’s mesmerizing to watch how it just flows between your fingers. This sand is moldable, non-toxic and just pure magic. Safe to say, I’m a huge fan too!

She loved burying one of the Paw Patrol pups and using the other to rescue them by digging them back out. Using the little sand castle mold was also a hit and perfect for the pups to squish while Addie giggled along. This activity kept her attention for over an hour y’all!

You can be super creative with the toys or tools your child can use. From cars to dinosaurs, Paw Patrol to princesses, anything goes. It’s so much fun as a mom to watch your little ones imagination soar!

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