Surviving the “Snack Monsters”

My daughter could NOT resist the snacks having their photo taken 😉

Ok, anyone else’s kids going CRAZY with the snacks this summer? Really the snack “problem” started back in quarantine, along with the increase of craft supplies and too much screen time (no mom shaming allowed here btw).

Anyway, our grocery bill is like 80% snacks for the kids. And like any normal mom, I try and balance the “good, healthy, organic, veggie-filled” snacks with the “junk” food that kids LOVE. Most days though I will let them eat anything- as long as they eat something, right?

I have found a few things food items that have become staples for my kiddos’ little cabinet and decided to share them with you too. I love getting ideas from other mom’s out there of new snacks and ways to sneak in nutrition and keep kiddos fed and happy.

I have an almost 2-year old daughter and an 8-year old son so it is sometimes hard to find foods they both enjoy. However, both love that they have their “own food” that the other can’t or won’t eat. All about keeping the peace over here!

We’ve chatted enough, so let’s get to what we came for! I hope you find some ideas for your own kids (or yourself). I have only included the foods my kids truly enjoy and grab for. Ain’t no momma got time for wasted food or hangry meltdowns!

20 Staple Snacks in Our Home:

  1. Goldfish Crackers– Okay, so this is a no-brainer and mostly for the toddler, but we like to shake it up by getting colored one trip and mini goldfish the next. They also now have veggie goldfish that I plan to test out! Variety is key here!
  2. Yogurt Pouches
  3. Veggie Straws
  4. Horizon Organic Chocolate Milks (individual cartons)- always a hit and good protein!
  5. Frigo Cheesesticks– we have tried the Great Value brand but nothing compares to the original!
  6. Berries– strawberries and blueberries are our go-tos
  7. Bananas
  8. Waffles or pancakes– whole grain, chocolate chip or blueberry
  9. Go-GO Squeez Happy Tummiez Applesauce Pouches– these are organic fruit and veggie blends and have a prebiotic in them.
  10. Annie’s Organic Fruit Gummies– pricier than other gummies but they taste SO good, plus my toddler loves the bunny shapes.
  11. Go-Gurt– these are the best if you place them in the freezer! Simply let thaw for a couple minutes and enjoy.
  12. Mini Muffins– homemade or store-bought, either way they go super fast!
  13. Annie’s Mac and Cheese cups
  14. Cereal Bars– fun fact, Great Value is actually better than name-brand!
  15. Chester’s Puffcorn
  16. Clif Kid ZBar- Chocolate Chip Protein Granola Bars– these are gluten free and do not contain tree nuts or coconut (my son has allergies and this is one of the only bars he can eat)
  17. Carrots and hummus– my son is the only one who will eat this with me
  18. Cereal– With or without milk. It can be healthy or “junk”. We currently have both Cheerios and Lucky Charms in our cabinet.
  19. Rice Cakes– there are several different flavors and you can add peanut butter, cream cheese, avocado, or nutella. My daughter just loves them by themselves.
  20. Lunchables– My son loves these but I would recommend making your own if you want to save money (don’t forget the oreos btw!) Otherwise, these are a great convenient option that kids can just grab and go.

This list is by no means exhaustive but hopefully a good starting point for your next grocery list. There are plenty of gluten free, vegan, dairy-free options out there and you may have to do a little research if your child has a sensitive diet. But overall, I hope you found it helpful!

What is your kiddo’s go-to fav snack?

4 thoughts on “Surviving the “Snack Monsters”

  1. Hey, sweet girl! ❤️💖 ur blog!! Have you tried the oyster/soup crackers, different brands depending on where u shop! This was one the preschool KDO kids loved (not to mention close to the top of my snack list – after all, I’m back to that ‘kid stage’ age in my life!! Miss u n ur family! 😊❤️💞

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  2. how are the Annie’s fruit snacks? I love most of their snacks but my household is very particular when it comes to fruit snacks. We usually go with Welch’s blue packs because they don’t get stuck in your teeth


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