The Toddler and the Beans

Oh, to know what she is thinking…

This morning God spoke to me through a bowl of beans and a toddler.

Now, before you think I’m super spiritual and had some “Moses and the Burning Bush” moment, let me explain.

This week has been a long one with lots of doctor trips and sickness for Addie. Naturally, she’s been a little more clingy and emotional. So in an effort to salvage a little sanity, I pulled out some beans and a few of big brother’s toys (because those are super cool) and set them in the kitchen floor.

It’s raining beans, hallelujah!

Now, if you want to see if you have a control or clean-freak problem, this is a great experiment to help you figure it out.

As I was frantically trying to teach her to keep the beans in the bowl and wrangle in any straggler-beans, I realized how exhausted and frustrated I was becoming. Wasn’t this activity supposed to give me a moment of peace and let her have fun?

“Mom, my bowl is empty!!”

Then I heard it. That little voice that often comes when I’m not expecting it…

Why are you so worried about something so small? Is fussing and exhausting yourself over the mess worth it or would you rather sit down, cast your worries aside and find peace in me?

Okay God. I hear you.

As I stare at the beans covering the floor it occurred to me that Addie doesn’t see a mess or a problem, she sees fun and adventure. She isn’t worried about how to clean up because she knows I have it under control and will take care of it. It’s all about the perspective. I am free to rest and watch her enjoy herself without worrying that there are more beans outside the bowl than in them.


I own a broom. With less than one minute I can sweep up the mess. No harm, no foul.

Can’t God also sweep up the messes around me? I believe He is in control and will take care of me. Do I trust Him enough to rest and see the good He is working all around me?

Just like that, all clean.

It never fails to amaze me how God chooses to speak to me. But I am so grateful for the truth and redirection this morning, even if it hit a major sore spot.

Now, to find a broom and maybe some play-doh.

“Can I please just taste this one?”

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