Cultivating Habits

This sign is hanging in my kitchen to remind me that I won’t just wake up one day with a heart of gratefulness or a spirit of patience.

It takes serious practice to hone those skills. Even then, it requires me to lean into the Holy Spirit to not get discouraged or just give up.

Y’all, having patience or gratefulness all the time, it’s HARD.

But, when I put in the work and practice being grateful by keeping a journal, digging in the Word when I have a quiet moment, or seeking Him first before I turn to Instagram, then I will begin to see the blessings He has promised to me.

This is true for you too. The blessings come in the form of gratefulness when life seems unfair, patience to survive the level 10 meltdown happening at my feet, peace when my world is out of control and a new truth of who God is, tucked within the pages of His Word.

So, even if you don’t do it perfectly. Even if you forget or get distracted, find a habit to cultivate.

Maybe start with gratefulness. Grab a piece of paper and joy down everything you are grateful for. Then, when life seems unfair or hard, pull out your list and remind yourself of the blessings you’ve received and the goodness of God towards you.

Or set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier in the AM and read one verse. Journal about what that verse means. What characteristic of God does it reveal? How can you apply it today?

Let’s cultivate habits today that steer us back to God and mold our hearts to reflect Jesus.

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