Resolutions and Goals For 2020

Y’all, we are 26 days into the new year and I’m just getting around to posting this…

Also, my wonderful, hilarious husband (please note the sarcasm) has mentioned that the year 2020 should be super special to me because I’ll finally be able to see 2020 (I’m near-sighted). Go ahead and laugh, he sure does.

BUT my whole point is that I need to hold myself accountable to some of my goals/resolutions so I’m telling them to you, people of the internet. Don’t let me down 🙂

Speaking of, have you ever wondered what the heck the difference is between a “goal” and a “resolution”? Because your girl over here just always lumped them together as basically “word twins”. So I decided to look them up specifically for this post and I found one subtle, interesting difference.

Resolve: to settle or find a solution to a problem; decide firmly on a course of action; firm determination to do something

Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

The two definitions sound redundant right? I’ve heard people use them interchangeably so far this year… “My 2020 goals are…”, “My New Years Resolutions are…”. But if we look a little deeper, we find that they are, in fact, different.

A resolution is a change that you are constantly working toward. This indicates constant growth and action towards a better self.

A goal is finite, that is, once you reach that goal, it ends. Then you work toward a new goal. This ends in the accomplishment of something.

I believe it’s a great idea to include both goals and resolutions as you enter this year. There are circumstances that require a deadline for completion (saving money for a trip, graduating school, etc), and other things that you will never fully master but grow in as you gain wisdom (growing relationships, new hobbies, etc).

With that said, I have a few goals/resolutions that I want to focus on this year. Many of these I hope to keep improving on in years to come as I work towards being the woman God created me to be. I hope you will take a little time to think of some for yourself if you haven’t yet.

In 2020 I want to:

1. Stop apologizing for the state my house is in when guests come over. “I’m sorry for the mess” puts an expectation of perfection upon whomever walks through my door. I want them to feel comfortable and at home enough to kick up there feet and relax. Messes are inevitable and a sign that life happens here, kids live here, memories are made here. Join in.

2. Be more hospitable and intentional about inviting people into our home. Whether it’s for a play date, coffee, dinner or game night, I want my friends/family to know my home is always open. Plus I’m a stay-at-home-mom and would love company!

3. I want to foster relationships this year. From friendships to my marriage, people are my main focus for the year.

4. Cook more homemade meals and learn a few new recipes and techniques in the kitchen. (Hello Pioneer Woman!)

5. Switch all of my toxic cleaning products to clean, safe options for my family. Thieves will be my new best friend.

6. Spend time with God before I open up Instagram. #WordBeforeWorld #GodbeforetheGram (you get the point)

7. Pursue writing because it is something I truly love to do and I don’t want to live by fear anymore.

8. Get my hands dirty in the garden. Whether I actually am successful in my little garden or not isn’t the point. It’s about getting my hands in the dirt and slowing down to appreciate God’s beauty.

9. Enjoy my children at this stage of their lives. Soak in every precious memory, snuggle, word and facial expression that I possibly can. Life has shown me just how little time I truly have with them and I want to savor every second.

10. Make my marriage more of a priority by having more date nights and spending time learning how to love and serve my husband better. Communication is definitely on this list too-I’m terrible at it (sorry babe).

For now, that’s what I’m working with and I really can’t wait to see where this year leads me.

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