Our Little Fixer Upper

our master bedroom

Buying your first home is a huge milestone. It leaves you feeling excited, terrified, confused and overwhelmed…but also super stinkin’ proud.

Let me tell you, these past 7 months as home owners have been one heck of a wild ride. From the mice and the toddler-sized hole they chewed in the wall of the kitchen, to the condensation on the windows when it’s cold out. The doors all make a different noise when they open (annoying when you have a sleeping toddler) and the bathroom fan rattles worse than a hornet stuck in a coke can. There is no shortage of problems around here.

Tearing out wallpaper. She’s looking rough.

Our home is definitely a fixer upper…a lot more than we anticipated! But luckily I married my own personal Chip Gaines who can fix up or build just about anything, and trusts in my design/renovation ideas!

New sheetrock, a fresh coat of paint and some decor shined her right up!

One day I’ll marvel at how long it took to get wifi or a working dishwasher or how we survived with no heat in 30° weather for 3 days. The electrical work is all crazy, nothing works like it should and one switch is taped off because flipping it blows a fuse. But the big kitchen, hardwood floors and spacious backyard keep me from wanting to run screaming when something else gets added to our “fix-it” list.

I know one day we will move away from this house and while yes there are things I’m ready to be rid of, I know I will cry when remembering all of the incredible memories we have already made here.

Snippet of our Christmas corner.. first Christmas in our home.

You can’t appreciate the good unless you’ve lived through the bad too.

So I don’t want to miss this season. Our first home. The hard lessons. Overwhelming sense of adulthood.

I want to lean in, embrace the experiences. Restore the beauty. Find the blessings and joy hidden within these walls. It’s here. I feel it.

Addie’s Room