Creating a Don’t Do List

This list is exactly what it sounds like: all of the things I don’t want to do. Or the things I don’t need to do before Christmas…because I have anxiety and don’t know how to just rest without feeling like I’m lazy and not contributing to the world/earning my place in it. Woof. That was a little more soul-baring than I meant to get.

Nevertheless, here is the list of things taking up all of my brain’s real-estate…rent free.

  1. Writing our Mother’s Day Out January newsletter. It is still December. We are on Christmas break. There is zero need to work on this newsletter for parents for another 3 weeks. Do I still have the tab open mocking me right now? Yes. Will I give in?
  2. Laundry. I mean, this is just a given based on who I am as a person.
  3. Vacuuming. Again, just who I am. Except that I am allergic to our dog and my life gets very miserable if I don’t stay on top of his excessive fur shedding. But, not today.
  4. Worry about planning Birthday parties. Why am I concerned about what themes and where right now? Who knows. My kids’ birthdays are in March, July and early December. I have time. My brain is just annoying.
  5. Yell at my kids. A noble “don’t do”. One I try and fail to succeed daily. New mercies every morning, friends.
  6. Plan elaborate meals during the week. My kids won’t eat them anyway. And also, what toddler mom has time to be in the kitchen for an hour? I love cooking, but I also enjoy my sanity. So, it’s a don’t. For now at least.
  7. Worry over if this Christmas has been magical enough. It has been a rough couple months. I have done my best. My kids don’t want a stressed out Mama. Just a Mama who is present with them. Say it again. And again. And again.
  8. Feel guilty for relaxing. I will finish my book, write the words, color the animals, catch up on my home reno shows and not feel one ounce of guilt about it. This is one I look forward to practicing!
  9. Place my marriage on the back burner. Absolutely won’t do it. The “young children” years are rough sometimes and you just gotta find intimacy when you can. Ya know? Make time for the date nights, throw a tablet and some snacks at the kids for 20 minutes of alone time, makeout in the kitchen, whatever it is. I love my kids…but man, I love my husband.
  10. Wait till I’m on “Empty” to fill up my car. It never fails that I wait until the weather is freezing cold or pouring rain and the car will be on fumes. Why do I do that to myself? (But sometimes I get lucky and the car hits empty while my husband is driving, and he fills it for me. Ha-ha)
  11. Check out so many dang library books. I think we can keep up with them all and then 3 months later there’s a late notice in my inbox. Usually it’s a book lost within my son’s desk at school. They don’t revoke your card after too many late returns…right?
  12. Interfere in every sibling squabble from the back of the house. As long as no one is injured, they will figure it out. This reminds me, I need to get a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Kidding. Kind of.
  13. Quote lines from Friends, Spongebob or the Grinch in everyday conversation. Or anything from TikTok. Boy is it awkward when my audience doesn’t get the reference…
  14. Hang onto clothes that have not fit me since high school. After 3 kids, I am definitely not fitting into that sundress or those super skinny jeans again. At this point it is just cruel to the clothing that would be happier on a cute little teenage girl.
  15. Hate on my body anymore. It’s almost 2023 and we’re not doing this anymore. Okay? Look in the mirror and thank that body for birthing 3 babies and carrying you through 29 years of life so far. We are proud of her.

This was oddly therapeutic, and I will probably think of 7 more things to add to the list once I hit publish, but I feel like 15 things is a great start. If you read this far, I hope you enjoyed a laugh or two and felt inspired to create your own “Don’t Do” list. Have fun with it. Or be serious if you want to.

Either way, I wish I could catch up and laugh over a cup of coffee with you. Maybe one day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Creating a Don’t Do List

  1. Cleaver idea of a Don’t Do List. The big don’t do on my list this year is Don’t go to the Doctor unless I absolutely have to. I’ve been at the doctor’s too much the last few years. I’m healthy now, thank God.

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