Follow The Dreamers- A Poem

Right now, they're sleeping peacefully. 
Dreaming wonderous dreams...                      
Of unicorns and pirate swords and chocolate candy streams.                                             
Riding rocket ships straight to the moon where aliens are found.                        
Exploring caves with dragon lairs hidden underground.                                              
When the rooster crows at morning light, does this mean it's the end? 
Oh no my dear, this is where the daydreaming begins.

What creative worlds are waiting for freshly opened eyes?                                                    
The endless possibilities that lift with the sunrise?                                                      
Colorful blankets turn into forts, lava floods wood floors.                                                   
Come join the teddy tea party, there's always room for more!                                                   

In this world things are never really as they seem.                                                          
Darling, never be afraid to dream the daring-est of dreams.

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