You Are Doing a Good Job

You plan to wake a littler earlier to write, but the baby is up all night long and the snooze button wins again. As the morning’s coffee hits your lips, you realize nothing will calm the storm of unwritten words violently spinning inside your mind. As you heat up pancakes for the toddler, you pray the words stay just a minute longer.


That book you’ve been dying to read waits in your comfy corner of the couch, tucked into the giant fluffy blanket until nap time comes around. Then your preschooler begs you to play barbies while little brother is asleep. There the unopened book lies waiting. “Maybe tomorrow?” You whisper.


Dinner tonight is going to be delicious, with lots of veggies and salmon and rice. You open the fridge to begin prepping and find the just-bought-produce is already rotten and you forgot to thaw the salmon. With a sigh you close the fridge and open the pantry. Cereal, again. At least the kids will be happy.


Bedtime never comes quick enough but it seems to last forever. One more story, a little more water and 3 potty breaks later and how is it 9:00? You collapse in bed next to your husband while all the tears and disappointments from your day flood over your eyes and onto your husbands shoulders. As you sit up to apologize, he reminds you that you are doing a good job. With a hushed prayer of gratefulness and asking for peace for the morning to come, you drift off to sleep choosing to believe the words he has spoken over you.

And it’s true Mama. You are doing a good job.

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