Just Keep Fishing

I used to love fishing. Any free time I had meant I was probably at the lake. I didn’t always catch a fish (which made it more satisfying when I did!) but it was still fun.

I don’t fish as much anymore. Really I haven’t touched a rod in a couple years at least. Life just got busy and I forgot how much joy it brought me.

Honestly, right now life feels like I’m fishing…and catching nothing. It was ok at first because I believed that big fish was coming. Any minute now.

But it’s been a few months and there are no fish in sight. I wonder if this is how Peter felt after a night of fishing and seeing nothing. He was stressed out, frustrated and probably trying to figure out how to make it on his own.

Then Jesus.

One decision. Trusting this man named Jesus who told him to go back out and throw over a net. It made zero sense. That step in faith resulted in abundant, overflowing boats of fish…and an even greater faith. (Luke 5:1-11)

That’s what keeps me throwing out a line every morning. The blessing is coming. My faith is growing. The fish are out there. I just have to trust in Jesus’ timing and watch in expectation and praise as He does what He promises He will do.

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