Just A Season

I wonder if trees understand what is happening in fall. Their leaves turn beautiful colors and everyone marvels at them. But then they begin to lose those leaves and turn bare.

Do they know this bareness is just for a season?

I know I’m in a season of losing more than a few leaves and it’s hard not to cry out to God “why?” I felt like life was coming together beautifully and I could finally settle in the splendor of it all. Then a new wind blew in and swept everything I knew away from me. I’m left with empty hands and a bare spot where beauty once lived.

But even in my hardships I know God is good and His love for me is steadfast. I will place my trust in Him once more.

The thing about seasons is: there is always new one on the horizon. I can’t help but wonder if the trees know that spring is coming. And with it, new buds, new life and a beautiful reminder that God never forgets about us.

Your spring is coming too and it will be beautiful. 

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