Friday Faves

We all have our favorite things, right?

Whether it be music, the way we take our coffee, food preferences, books and movies.. I mean the list is endless. I love to hear what other people are enjoying at the moment, especially if it’s someone I can relate to or draw inspiration from. Plus trying new things is always fun, so I figure why not post the things I am loving from the week for y’all to enjoy too? Maybe it will spark some conversation or inspiration!

With that being said, I plan to upload every Friday just a couple things that have inspired me or sparked joy in some form or fashion that week. Let me know if there’s a category you would like to see in the coming weeks, and if you have a favorite thing I need to know about!


“Behind the Scenes Podcast- Engaging Scripture & Walking in Truth & Love with the Bevere’s” (Ep. 83 release date: May 26, 2020)

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff interview people they consider their mentors about life and faith each week. In this episode they spoke with John and Lisa Bevere. Throughout the episode they talk about how to engage in scripture and what that can look like, as well as asking the Holy Spirit to join in “quiet time” with you.

They emphasize that the goal of reading the Bible is to gain biblical knowledge and wisdom and to know the heart of God better, not just to check it off the “Christian checklist” for the day. It has changed the way I approach my Bible reading, and I think it’s definitely worth a listen!

Links to Listen-




I love a good break-up song, but made sure to include a more up-beat love song as well. It’s all about balance. Both of these songs have been played on repeat this week. From the lyrics to the overall melody, you can’t help but sing along!

            “Ain’t Always the Cowboy”- Jon Pardi

            “To a T”- Ryan Hurd

Bible Verse:

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galations 1:10

This verse is definitely not a comforting, make-you-feel-good type of verse. I stumbled across it while studying this week and man, it has convicted me. I am an enneagram 2 and which means that I am hard-wired to love serving people and I want to please others.

It’s not necessarily a “bad trait”, except when I strive to please and serve others instead of God. I can serve other people but I need to only seek the approval of God. And let me tell you, it is SO HARD for me to ignore what others think of me! So, this has been a hard, but good reminder for me this week!

TV show:

   Primal Survivor

Hazen Audel uses his survival knowledge and skills to embark on dangerous journeys through various climates. He spends time with the local people/tribes of the area to learn the way they survive in the rough terrain. Then he sets off alone to hunt or to travel the way the locals do(no shoes, eating bugs, crafting stick huts to ward off lions at night, ect).

Bradley and Chase have been watching this at night and I am now hooked too. It’s so cool to see how other cultures survive and thrive throughout the world without all the modern day “essentials” we use daily. I would love to go on a crazy adventure someday…but I definitely won’t eat a bug!


“A Higher Calling” by Captain Harold & Rachel Earls

I have been a Youtube subscriber to this couple’s channel (Earls Family Vlogs) since 2016 and have loved watching their adventures over the years. So naturally, when they released their book I just had to read it. As I was reading, I cried, admired Rachel’s faith in God, and fell in love with love all over again. Y’all it is so good. They have a book trailer on their website and I highly recommend watching it!

**Here’s the book excerpt:

“The husband and wife behind the popular Earls Family Vlogs share their inspiring love story for the first time, revealing how conflicting dreams–his to climb Mount Everest, and hers to start a family–deepened their faith and commitment to each other.

As a senior at West Point, Harold Earls began to dream of summiting Mount Everest. Many wondered: Why would this novice mountain climber choose to leave his new wife on the other side of the world in pursuit of such a life-threatening quest? Simultaneously, Rachel Earls was finally entering the season of life she had dreamed of for many years: starting a family of her own. How would she handle her new husband chasing a goal that could leave her widowed, childless, and flooded with heartache? Did he expect her to make such a sacrifice so he could pursue this audacious goal?

Harold and Rachel had to reconcile their dreams with the reality of their love, faith, future family, and the mountain standing between them. Could they support one another’s dreams without forfeiting their own deepest desires? Would their love survive the unexpected challenges they would face? Or would this harrowing journey actually forge a stronger love and unshakeable bond between them?”

**Here’s the book trailer:

That does it for this week’s Friday Favorites! I hope you will check in at the end of each week for new favorites to try out for yourself. Leave a comment below to head over to my Instagram and let me know what you are enjoying. I would LOVE to know what YOU are loving too! 🙂

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